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Bitter orange side effects

Bitter orange side effects

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Bitter orange side effects -

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Home Health Information Bitter Orange. Bitter Orange. Common Names: bitter orange, Seville orange, sour orange, zhi shi. Latin Names: Citrus aurantium. Native to eastern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Syria, and Southeast Asia, bitter orange now is grown throughout the Mediterranean region and elsewhere, including California and Florida.

According to the FDA, Bitter Orange has been associated with seven deaths and 25 other dangerous reactions. Bitter Orange can be found in many energy supplements and weight-loss solutions found over the counter. Some products which contain Bitter Orange are Xenadrine EFX and Metabolife Ultra.

Beautiful Health, Inc. also utilizes Bitter Orange in different forms, and those products can be found on the Internet. Many health professionals believe that it is too early to tell if Bitter Orange is safe to use.

Since the substance is so close in chemical makeup to ephedra, professionals believe that it could be just as dangerous. Bitter Orange has been thought to cause cancer, liver or kidney failure, cardiac problems or death.

Because Bitter Orange can be dispensed without a prescription, it does not require the extensive study and research that prescription drugs require. It also contains other healthful nutrients and supplies the body with a bit of fiber. Alternative practitioners use bitter orange oils, extracts, and supplements for a variety of health purposes.

Some of these are supported by research. Consuming the fresh fruit may also provide some benefits. Bitter orange is considered to be effective for several skin issues, including ringworm and athlete's foot. One study demonstrated that, when applied topically, bitter orange can reduce fungal growth by As an added bonus, there are very few if any noted negative side effects when applying bitter orange externally.

This suggests that it can be used with little risk. Vitamin C is a precursor to collagen, making it essential for skin integrity and repair. Bitter orange has shown promising effects for weight loss , especially when combined with caffeine. Its active ingredient p -synephrine is a known stimulant and has demonstrated increases in metabolic rate and energy expenditure when used over a 6- to week period.

A study from Nigeria showed that citrus essential oil effectively inhibits the enzymes α-amylase and α-glucosidase, both of which are linked to diabetes and hypertension. This effect is not limited to bitter orange; lemon and grapefruit oils show similar results.

Bitter orange also contains several flavonoid compounds with antioxidant effects, including hesperidin and limonene. By inducing apoptosis, hesperidin inhibits the viability of ovarian cancer cells and limonene modulates the genes that contribute to liver cancer development.

Although not a substitute for evidence-based cancer therapy, further studies on bitter orange may produce innovative supplementary treatment options. Allergies to citrus fruits like bitter orange can involve a cross-reactivity with pollen or other plants. Symptoms of orange allergies may include vomiting, abdominal pain, or diarrhea.

If you have a known allergy to citrus foods, it's probably best to avoid bitter orange products. See an allergist for testing if you suspect that you have a food allergy. Bitter orange juice is considered as safe to drink as any other citrus fruit juice as long as it is not consumed in excess.

Far less is known about the long-term safety of bitter orange extracts and supplements. Because the synephrine in bitter orange acts as a mild stimulant, combining it with other stimulants like caffeine may trigger dangerous side effects.

These can include:. The overuse of supplements, whether for weight loss or athletic performance , may also trigger abnormal heart rhythms arrhythmias , lightheadedness, fainting, and other potentially severe symptoms. Bitter orange is banned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA.

Bitter orange may interact with monoamine oxidase inhibitors MAOIs , a class of antidepressants, by increasing their concentration in the blood and, with it, the risk of side effects.

It also appears to break down benzodiazepine sedatives, making them far less effective. While some experts have suggested that bitter orange may have as many drug interactions as grapefruit , its effects don't appear to be as strong. Check with your doctor to be sure. People who are pregnant and breastfeeding should avoid bitter orange products because their effects are unknown and have not been proven safe.

There are several varieties of bitter orange, including the "normal" group, "aberrant" group, and the "bittersweet" group. The normal group describes large and seedy fruits that are high in pectin. Specifically, the Oklawaha originated in the U. and is commonly used to make marmalade.

Within the aberrant group is the Daidai or Taitai , a popular variety in China and Japan. This acidic fruit has a thick peel and lots of seeds. Darker and sweeter varieties, such as Paraguay and Karna, are found in the bittersweet group.

For medicinal purposes, bitter orange is typically sold as a tablet, gel cap, or extract. Herbalists often sell powdered bitter orange peel to mix in topical creams and ointments.

There are no standardized prescribing recommendations for bitter orange. As a general rule, if you decide to use any supplement, do not exceed the recommended dose on the product label.

Bitter oranges can be bought fresh in grocery stores usually as Seville oranges. If you cannot find them locally, there are online suppliers that offer to ship. Seville orange juice is also sometimes sold either in fresh or pasteurized forms.

Bitter orange extracts and supplements can be found in health food and vitamin supplement stores, as well as online. Bitter orange essential oils can be purchased at many of the same outlets. Bitter orange supplements should be stored according to the instructions listed on the particular product.

Be mindful of expiration dates. If you purchase fresh bitter oranges, treat them as you would other fresh produce. Wash the fruit under running water before cutting into it.

Google Trends data show Biter, along with ephedrine, Digestive health benefits for bitter efdects extract have declined since a peak inmirroring Bitter orange side effects trend for effecta on Football nutrition for mental focus. For Bihter. Sidney J. Stohs, Dean Sids at the Creighton University Medical Center and a consultant for dietary supplement formulators, the fact that bitter orange extract has shared the same fate as ephedrine is an unfortunate one. Stohs has been a defender of bitter orange extract. In this latest review, conducted under a grant from manufacturer Novel Ingredients, Stohs added eight new clinical trials using the extract that have been published since his last review, in the period he was a co-researcher and co-author in a majority of them that found bitter orange extract did not cause any adverse side effects. Bitter orange side effects


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